Galaga’s Top Pilot

It has been one year since Armando Gonzalez took down the 29-year-old Galaga Marathon Settings (3 Ships to start, Free ships at 20k, 70k and every 70k, thereafter, Rank D – the most difficult setting) World Record previously held by Stephen Krogman. Not only was this a monumental achievement but, in doing so, he became the first person to ever hold the Tournament Settings (5 ships only, Rank D) and Marathon Settings World Records simultaneously.

Galaga Forum, recognized by top players as the official adjudicator for Galaga scores, has adjudicated both games and they stand at the top of their respective leaderboards with links to the game play.

His scores sit atop the Twin Galaxies leaderboards, as well.

The Marathon record was revered and thought to be untouchable prior to Gonzalez’ achievement. It had been on the books at Twin Galaxies since January 6th, 1989. There was even some suspicion that the score wasn’t real, as many thought it to be unattainable. That was proven very much untrue on October 20th, 2018. Armando began his game and, approximately 12 hours later, became the new Marathon Settings World Record Holder, per Galaga Forum. The score was later submitted to Twin Galaxies to be publicly voted on and received enough votes to be entered onto their leaderboard.

These World Record scores achieved by Armando (aka APK) were a follow-up to a disappointing performance at Score Wars, the first-ever Galaga World Championship, hosted by Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Although he finished 2nd to Andrew Barrow, ranked the overall #1 MAME player in the world and also a world-class Galaga player, he wasn’t satisfied. He became determined to etch his name into the very fabric of Galaga lore for all time.

He has done just that….and not so easily as one might think. Score Wars sparked a great deal of high-end competition among Galaga players and he was greatly contested by Mike Thompson, who took the Tournament Settings World Record from him before he was able to recapture it by a small margin. There are several players who have emerged as serious contenders for these, and other, World Records on Galaga. Some of them are continuing to play and reach higher and higher scores while some have moved on to other games or are just waiting for the opportunity to devote more time to Galaga. For scores that big, it takes a lot of preparation and hard work.

Armando Gonzalez has done both and, as a result, is Galaga’s Top Pilot!

~Article by Jon Klinkel – Administrator, Galaga Forum

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