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The Staff at Galaga Forum would like to wish all competitors the best of luck at the Gala-Gala Event at Pincadia in Brisbane, Australia!!!

On February 8th, 1982, Casey Murphy of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, scored 1.5million on Galaga. This 1.5million points are the alpha score, the very first entry, to be ever recorded on Twin Galaxies.

-Walter Day

Since February 8th, 1982, Twin Galaxies has amassed world record scores on tens of thousands of game titles. Galaga Forum hopes to offer a closer inspection of the oldest competitive video game leader board – Galaga. In doing so, Galaga Forum freely offers encouragement and expertise to Galaga players who wish to have their scores refereed and acknowledged on the worldwide Galaga Forum Leaderboards.

-Galaga Forum Team

Marathon Top 10

Rank Score Player Date Tag Adjudication Platform
1 17,684,050 Armando Gonzalez 10/20/2018 APK Galaga Forum ARCADE
2 15,999,990 Stephen M. Krogman 01/06/1989 SMK Twin Galaxies ARCADE
3 15,243,300 Brian Bailey 08/18/1982 Twin Galaxies ARCADE
4 14,460,180 Kurt Morris 10/11/1983 Twin Galaxies ARCADE
5 12,753,570 Mike Lynn 12/29/1982 Twin Galaxies ARCADE
6 11,743,800 Steve Sheppard 12/31/1982 Twin Galaxies ARCADE
7 10,916,340 Quentin Bolduc 12/01/1982 Twin Galaxies ARCADE
8 10,301,080 Andrew Barrow 03/30/2018 BAR Galaga Forum ARCADE
9 9,635,070 Jack Pardo 09/08/1982 Twin Galaxies ARCADE
10 9,093,570 Richard Rook 09/07/1982 Twin Galaxies ARCADE

Tournament Top 10

Rank Score Player Date Tag Adjudication Platform
1 9,525,700 Armando Gonzalez 04/07/2019 APK Galaga Forum ARCADE
2 9,283,260 Mike Thompson 05/10/2019 M Galaga Forum ARCADE
3 7,344,690 Jordan Dorrington 04/30/2019 JJD Galaga Forum ARCADE
4 6,320,040 Stephen M. Krogman 05/09/2018 SMK Galaga Forum MAME
5 6,169,130 Andrew Barrow 02/02/2019 BAR Galaga Forum MAME
6 4,525,150 Andrew Laidlaw 01/01/2011 ABL Twin Galaxies ARCADE
7 3,275,720 Phil Day 11/01/2009 DAY Twin Galaxies ARCADE
8 3,272,840 Robert Fawcett 03/30/2019 RCF Galaga Forum MAME
9 2,808,970 Brian Sevy 01/11/2011 Twin Galaxies ARCADE
10 2,477,350 Mark Schult 01/08/2019 MRK Galaga Forum ARCADE