Revamped Galaga Forum for the Galaga Community

After much coding, hacking, pulling my hair out, etc. I can finally say that Galaga Forum is now more polished than when I first set out to learn Bootstrap 4.

Yes, I had to break down and use WordPress Software with a Theme for this ‘Nth’ iteration of this site. But the coding experience that I gained from putting this website and it’s previous iterations together is invaluable and most certainly will assist with future maintenance and improvements of this website.

I want to thank a few people before I give this website permission to launch.

  • Mark Schult
    • Mark, thank you very much for taking the time to travel down to Tappers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thank you for all the tips that you provided to me that day back in August of 2018. Your tips has made me a better player. Our meeting back in August of 2018 really brought me into the Gaming Community as a whole.
  • Phil Day
    • Phil, the time that you spent initiating, building, and maintaining this website from it’s inception is definitely underappreciated. The foundation that you laid for me was and still is crucial for the operation of this website. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into this site.
  • Jon Klinkel
    • Lastly, but most certainly, you are not the least. I want to thank you for bringing me into the Galaga Community and the CAG Community as a whole. Your consideration of myself to help maintain and eventually improve Galaga Forum’s website was most certainly a risk (as I was a complete unknown at the time we met), but I hope that your risk paid off for Galaga Forum and the community as a whole. Again, thank you for the opportunity.

Please note that this site is a continual work in progress. Great strides have been taken to turn this site from a ‘Comment Site’ to it’s present form as a Leader Board, Blog, Community Page, etc. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please email me at or I will be sure to discuss any changes with the Galaga Forum Administrator, Jon Klinkel.

Now, some ground rules for how we treat each other on this site. I am going to stick with and enforce ‘Bill and Ted’ Rules.

  1. Be Excellent to Each Other!!!!!
  2. Party on Dudes!!!!!

I will work to turn the comment feature on so that People can respond to blog posts and of course interact with each other. Please note that I am still working the kinks out of this site.

Anyways, here it is, ‘Hello World’, Galaga Forum Mark 3.0!!!!!!

The Very Best Regards,

Robert Fawcett AKA ‘Linux River Rat’


6 thoughts on “Revamped Galaga Forum for the Galaga Community”

  1. Jon Klinkel says:

    You deserve a BIG Thank You, as well, Rob! You’ve put in a lot of time and effort and done a great job!

  2. Joe Piscitelli says:

    The revamped site looks awesome! Thank you so much for your very hard work. Your continued interest and devotion to improvement is much appreciated.

    1. Stephen Krogman says:

      I second the notion. The sites looking better every day!

  3. Dewgy says:

    New here and glad to be here! Keep up the good work!

    1. Galagirl says:

      Excited to find this forum!

  4. The Galaga King says:

    Seems like the forum is getting better with each visit. Keep up the good work Robert! Just love the idea that FINALLY Galaga gets it’s own forum. 🙂

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